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Ormazabal, Javier
Romero, Juan
freshly changed [pdf]Historical Changes in Basque Dative Alternations: evidence for a derivational analysis
Panagiotidis, Phoevos
freshly changed [pdf](Grammatical) gender troubles and the gender of pronouns
Staroverov, Peter
Kavitskaya, Darya
new [pdf]Tundra Nenets consonant sandhi as coalescence
Philippova, Tatiana
freshly changed [pdf]Ellipsis in the phrasal comparative: evidence from correlate constraints
Park, Dongwoo
new [pdf]When does ellipsis occur, and what is elided?
Matyiku, Sabina
new [pdf]Semantic Effects of Head Movement: Evidence from Negative Auxiliary Inversion
Kim, Taehoon Hendrik
new [pdf]An Experimental Study of Phonological Variation and Variation in Scope Judgments in Korean
Cuerrier, Anaele
Reiss, Charles
new [pdf]Geminates and vowel laxing in Quebec French
Murphy, Andrew
freshly changed [pdf]Pronominal inflection and NP ellipsis in German
Leivada, Evelina
Kambanaros, Maria
Grohmann, Kleanthes K.
new [pdf]The Locus Preservation Hypothesis: Shared Linguistic Profiles across Developmental Disorders and the Resilient Part of the Human Language Faculty
Poole, Ethan
Keine, Stefan
Mendia, Jon Ander
new [pdf]More on (the lack of) reconstruction in tough-constructions
Champollion, Lucas
Bledin, Justin
Li, Haoze
new [pdf]Rigid and flexible quantification in plural predicate logic
Marti, Luisa
freshly changed [pdf]Zero N: number features and ⊥
Grestenberger, Laura
2017-10 [pdf]Deponency in finite and non-finite contexts
Storme, Benjamin
2017-10 [pdf]Contrast enhancement motivates closed-syllable laxing and open-syllable tensing
Haug, Dag
Jøhndal, Marius
Solberg, Per Erik
2017-10 [pdf]An unexpected root clause
Giorgi, Alessandra
Haroutyunian, Sona
2017-10 [pdf]Indirect reports in Modern Eastern Armenian
Deal, Amy Rose
2017-10 [pdf]Raising to ergative: remarks on applicatives of unaccusatives
Nevins, Andrew
2017-10 [pdf]Copying and Resolution in South Slavic and South Bantu Conjunct Agreement
Bhadra, Diti
2017-10 [pdf]Evidentiality and Questions: Bangla at the Interfaces
Selvanathan, Nagarajan
2017-10 [pdf]Cleft constructions in Tamil and Anti-agreement
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-10 [pdf]Strong Pronominals in ASL and LSF (squib)
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-10 [pdf]Natural Language and Its Ontology
Guzmán Naranjo, Matías
2017-10 [pdf]Analogy in formal grammar
Barrie, Michael
2017-10 [pdf]Head Movement as Feature Geometry Growth
Danis, Nick
2017-10 [pdf]Complex Place and Place Identity
Margaliot, Sasson
2017-10 [pdf]The Finishing Touch – TRANSFER, not MERGE
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-10 [pdf]Indexicals (2010)
Stegovec, Adrian
2017-10 [pdf]Personality Disorders and Missing Persons: Deriving the Person-Case Constraint without Case
Erteschik-Shir, Nomi
Josefsson, Gunlög
Köhnlein, Björn
2017-10 [pdf]Variation in Mainland Scandinavian Object Shift and Prosodic Repair

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