Researching Types and Causes of Errors in Arabic Speakers' Writing
Haifa Al-Buainain
May 2007

This study addresses the problem students and teachers face constantly in the Department of Foreign Languages at Qatar University. It is related to the performance of students in the writing courses, namely Writing I, Writing II, and Advanced Writing. The data of the study is 40 exam scripts of the first Writing Course. The study uses error analysis as a method/ a technique to analyze the students‟ writing. There are a number of published common errors for Arab students of English. However, this is the first study carried out at the English department at Qatar University. The results show that, the students‟ performance errors are systematic and classifiable. This, in turn, implies that both teachers and learners must see errors as the key to understanding and solving accuracy problems in English writing courses. It is the teachers‟ responsibility to adopt, modify or even develop remedial procedures and techniques that can minimize the learner‟s errors and elevate the students‟ level. Students should always be encouraged to do remedial exercises in order to improve their writing ability. Brief grammar rules may be essential to help students realize the errors that result from overgeneralization and wrong parallel.
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Published in: in Midraj,S. Jendli, A & Sellami (Eds.) Research in ELT Context. (pp. 195-224) (2007). UAE.
keywords: writing, types and causes of errors, syntax, semantics
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