Stylistic Fronting in corpora
Halldor Armann Sigurdsson
August 2017

This paper studies the distribution and frequency of Icelandic Stylistic Fronting in two written language corpora, and the World Wide Web. The survey indicates that that SF is on the retreat, losing ground to verb-initial order (V1) in relative clauses and to expletive-initial order in impersonal clauses. An encouraging extra result of the study, a methodological byproduct, as it were, is that it shows that Google Search, if carefully used, is a much more valuable research tool in linguistics than commonly assumed.
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Reference: lingbuzz/002635
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Published in: In Syntactic Variation in Insular Scandinavian, ed. by Höskuldur Thráinsson, Caroline Heycock, Hjalmar P. Petersen & Zakaris Svabo Hansen, 307–338 [Studies in Germanic Linguistics 1]. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
keywords: expletive insertion, extended projection principle, google search, impersonal clauses, stylistic fronting, relative clauses,, verb-initial adverbial clauses, word order frequencies, syntax, phonology
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