Is there Condition C Reconstruction?
David Adger, Alex Drummond, David Hall, Coppe van Urk
May 2017

We argue that there is no non-coreference effect that is attributable to Condition C reconstruction in cases of DP extraction, and so no clear difference between A- and A-bar-movement in this domain.The non-coreference effects that we do find with DP extraction ameliorate significantly with linear distance, unlike classic Condition C effects. In addition, we confirm obligatory reconstruction for Condition C with adjectival predicate extraction, showing that native speakers can reliably detect Condition C violations in reconstructed environments. These results undermine the postulation of complex derivational mechanisms, such as Late Merge, as explanations, and suggest that the simplest approach to Copy Interpretation (distributed LF deletion) is the correct one.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003674
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Published in: NELS 47 - lingbuzz version slightly updated.
keywords: extraction, binding, reconstruction, predication, semantics, syntax
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